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With the hot seasons approaching, rodents are more likely to be on the prowl and enter our homes because they require shelter from the extreme heat. They can squeeze through tiny openings into homes, offices, and other places alike. Rats and mice are always the most common of these rodents and need to be put in check appropriately. The popular saying “prevention is better than cure” has proven to be correct 100% of the time. Rodents are even known to spread diseases (the Bubonic plague and Lassa fever virus readily come to mind), eat our head earned food, damage furniture, and equipment, etc. With this in mind, various steps are required to prevent these varmints and Rusty’s Bug Stop in Lubbock, Texas is here to help!

Preventive measures for mice and rats include (but not limited to):

  • Sealing up every possible entry point, hole or crevice that they could access to get in
  • Keeping Your environment tidy as they thrive better and can easily hide in unkempt environments. Garbage should always be disposed of properly
  • Promoting a dry environment at all times, as moisture enhances their survival. All forms of water leaks should be prevented
  • Storing food in airtight containers to prevent transmission of infection through such food. This would also reduce the rate of food consumption of the rodent and possibly hinder their growth and reproduction
  • Keeping attics, sheds, basements and other dark and cool places well ventilated and free of moisture
  • Inspecting such items as shopping bags, boxes and other packages which are brought into the home.

We provide both residential and commercial extermination services with the best quality and utmost professional service.

At Rusty’s Bug Stop, we also provide termite inspection which involves regular examination to uncover any potential leaks which may lead to an infestation. Also, during this inspection, termite treatments can be done in the case of infestation which has already occurred.

In the case of targeted pest control, in which a particular rodent keeps coming back, a special target plan can be made for such. Eliminating the pest and preventing their return is the most preferred situation, so call Rustys Bug Stop in Lubbock, Texas, today to schedule an appointment!