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To some people, bugs are gross. To some people, they are annoying. To others, they are destructive. Some even think they are cute. Regardless of your opinion, the thought of having bugs making a home on your body is probably unnerving. So, why is that pet owners tend to let their dogs stay flea and tick ridden? Now, we aren’t criticizing pet owners because most of the time it’s difficult to catch fleas and ticks before they come an issue. It is simply smart to take preventative measures to ensure fleas and ticks don’t become an infestation.

So, what do you need to know about fleas and ticks?

In a recent article we wrote, there are a few differences between fleas and ticks. Regardless of differences, they are parasitic bugs that can cause an array of issues.

Fleas allergies can cause severe skin damage to your animals. Flea allergy dermatitis causes intense and incessant scratching by your pet. Flea allergy dermatitis is exactly why your pet scratches so much when they have fleas, it is a reaction to the flea’s saliva when it draws blood.

When ticks are at their early stages of development, they are hard to catch because of their small size. They are easy to overlook and can fall off more easily. If you dog or cat has ticks, they might fall off into your bed and can find their new home on a new host.

When you fear that your pet has fleas, be sure to contact your vet first. Additionally, once a tick has hooked and engorged with blood, it can be difficult to remove. Be sure to visit your vet to remove it. Then as a preventative measure, have your house sprayed by a professional bug exterminator. Fleas reproduce rapidly and lay 20-40 eggs a day, so it’s better to get your house spray to ensure they are gone for good.

Give us a call today for more information on fleas and ticks. Whether we get your business or not, we want to help prevent problems before they happen!