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Darker and colder weather means you’ll be spending more time inside, but you won’t be the only one seeking shelter in the comfort of your own home. Rats and mice weasel their way into your home to search for food and protection for the winter season.

How Do I Know if I Have Rodents in my Home?

-Rodent Droppings

The biggest sign of a rodent is their droppings. You will see tiny, dark fecal pellets around the kitchen or elsewhere in your home. A mouse dropping is about ¼ inch long and a rat dropping is ¾ inch long. If you begin to notice little presents around your home, it might be an indication that there are rodents in your home.


Mice and rats leave tracks around the home. Look for spaces that are covered in dust. Are there tail tracks? Little foot prints? This is a good way to identify whether or not you have an issue.

-Bite Marks on food boxes

Mice and rats come into your home not only to find shelter, but also to find food. If you are start to notice there are tiny bites in your cereal boxes, mice and rats could have tried to make your food their own.

Removing Rodents

Once you realize you have rodents, it’s important to remove them properly. There are many ways you can do this:

Set Traps- It’s smart to set up mouse traps around your home to try to catch the pests that have made your home their own. It’s not always a sure fire way to catch a mouse, but it can be very efficient.

Inspect Home- To prevent your home from future raids, check your home for potential entry points that mice and other rodents can sneak through. Plug up holes and make some repairs.

Pest Control – Last, but not least, is call a professional pest control service. It is important to trust the professionals with a total eradication of pests in your home because it can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

At Rusty’s, we work hard to make sure we get the job done safely, efficiently, and quickly. If you have any questions about our process or questions about mice and rats, give us a call!