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Though the summer months are winding down, the amount of annoyance pest’s are not, the battle is far from over. Most bugs enter some sort of hibernation around the winter months and are more active as temperatures rise, but there are still precautionary steps you can take to keep your home pest-free in the cooler months, and prevent an influx of insects on the first warm day after the off season!

Maintaining an active, protective barrier around your home is one of the best ways to prevent an infestation of critters. We recommend having your home treated every three months (quarterly) and not waiting until there is an infestation within your home to call us! As temperatures begin to cool off in the next few months and it’s time to get your seasonal sweaters out of storage, remember that cardboard boxes tend to attract insects and therefore attract spiders. The best way to store seasonal clothing and decorations for holidays is in an airtight plastic tub rather than a cardboard box. With winter approaching, many people also begin to chop and store firewood for those frigid days on the plains of West Texas. To keep from harboring pests such as cockroaches and spiders, make sure you store your firewood away from your home, rather than right next to or even in your home.

It is also smart to keep your lawn manicured even in the winter months when grass seems to be dead or growing very slowly. This will ensure that standing water or tall grass doesn’t allow insects to create a home in your yard when the temperatures warm back up! This is also very important to those furry friends or yours as well. When leaves, grass clippings or even overgrown foliage is overlooked, it is a great place for fleas and ticks to hibernate and survive through the winter months. This leads to higher than normal infestations in the spring.

You should also seal up every possible entry point for rodents and keep your environment tidy. When plugging holes on the exterior or interior of the house, never use spray foam. The only sure fast way to stop them from entering us by using steel wool.

Don’t wait until fruit flies have infested your home to treat it! Be proactive and call Rusty’s Bug Stop in Lubbock, Texas for your pest services in town!