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Don’t let scorpions run you out of your home or office! With the past few weeks dry weather and searing temperatures around Lubbock, have a new wave of insects making an appearance. Scorpions making their way into residential homes are on the rise. Hot weather provides the perfect time for scorpions to thrive, and when this pest finds its way into your home, they can be dangerous, especially to your little children and animals. Their sting is very painful.

If you have seen scorpions or other pests around your home or office, Rusty’s Bug Stop can take care of those problems in short order. We look at your pest control needs and tailor a plan to fit you and your family.

How To Get Rid Of Scorpions

Over time, several scorpion species have made the Lubbock area their home. These pests are really clever and can pose danger to people at any time of the day, but they are most active at night.
Scorpions quite easily lurk around dark hiding places in the house, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims. Once they infest an area they become very aggressive to people and pets that come near.

You don’t need to be scared anymore. We have a team of scorpion control service professionals to do the extra work required to get scorpions and other dangerous pests away from your home or business.

Our scorpion control process is simple, yet very effective. We’ll start by identifying the entry points from where the scorpions gain access into your home. That way, we can offer the best custom recommendations on how you can seal them out and prevent any possible future infestations.

Furthermore, we will use only chemicals and methods that are EPA-approved to control the scorpion population around your home and eliminate their breeding areas.