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Owning a home and a pet can seem quite charming, however, if pests such as fleas, ticks, and other creepy crawlers get into your home by attaching themselves to your pet or by using some other means, it can be very daunting getting them out by yourself. Don’t worry about getting rid of your pets just yet, because there are a lot of tips to follow, a lot of tricks to use and a lot of things to look out for if you want to get your home pest free and keep it that way.

  • Mow grass and trim shrubbery.

This is quite often a haven for ticks and fleas and several other pests, so if you want to get rid of them, the first thing to do is to mow your lawn and trim your shrubs. Next, don’t leave bowls of cat food and dog food outside because these can attract stray animals with fleas and ticks and your yard would be infested again. Also, if you have other trees and bushes around your home, keep them trimmed, so that they won’t be a roadway for ants and other rodents to get into your home. 

  • Conduct a full house inspection.

If you are tired of these creepy crawlies having a field day in your house, then you should schedule a full house inspection regularly. Go around your house and search for cracks on walls, cracks in your foundation, ripped windows and screens and any hole through which pests can sneak in. Once you find such holes or spaces, you should seal them up immediately. 

  • Keep firewood, stones, bricks, and lumber a good distance away from your home.

The above-mentioned things provide food and shelter for pests such as termites, so if you want your home free from these pests, then don’t entertain them by leaving the above things around your home.

  • Clean your home frequently.

Having these pests in your home does not mean that your home is dirty. Cleaning up is just an effective way to get rid of them and their eggs, so vacuum your home frequently and pay special attention to corners that these pests are likely to hide such as under furniture and so on. Also, if you have a pet, you should vacuum places where it loves to stay. Additionally, remember to wash your pets’ toys, bedding and crate in hot water at least weekly. This will get rid of eggs and larvae.  Research shows that by vacuuming, 60 % of flea eggs and 30% of larvae can be eliminated from your home. Finally, remember to get rid of vacuum bags frequently, you don’t want these pests escaping into your home do you?

  • Call the professionals.

Lastly, if you are dealing with a serious infestation and the above tips did not completely get rid of them, then it’s time to invite a reputable pest exterminating company such as Rusty’s Bug Stop in Lubbock, Texas. This company provides commercial and residential extermination services to individuals around Lubbock, Texas, as well as termite inspections. Additionally, they have 15 years of experience under their belt so you can be sure that when they come in, your home infestation will be history.

In the end, no one wants their home to be infested with fleas, ticks, or any other creepers. The best prevention possible is to contact Rusty’s Bug Stop in Lubbock, Texas and let the professionals handle your pest problems.